Grit and Grace

vendredi, 21 novembre 2014

This project was shot over a number of days and set changes and involved explored the delicate balance of grace and attack that performers have. Water is introduced (because I am infatuated with it) and to highlight the parallel between the fluidity of liquid & motion. The amazing dancers I have had the pleasure of working with in this video are: Josephine McGrall, Nyron Levy, Simone Schmidt, Patrice Moniz, Lizzie Grace, Harry Alexander, Brett Murray, Travis Clausen-Knight, Anna Watkins, Femi Oyewole, Emily Spriggs and last but not least, Mystic (Owl)... Water effects were the result of a custom designed & build steel platform. The CGI was the result of a creative collaboration with 3D Director, Renato Marques. Post production: Peter Maia-Tanner & Maya Almeida. High Speed Motion was shot at Direct Photographic studios in Waterloo, London.

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